Back as Member of Parliament and Minister

18 May 2011 · Comment   

As everyone knows by now, I was reelected MP for Beauce on May 2nd with 50.7% of the votes. It is a great honour for me to receive this third mandate to represent the Beaucerons in Canada’s Parliament.

And today, at the swearing-in ceremony for the new cabinet, the Prime Minister also entrusted me with the position of Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism, a new challenge that I accept with great enthusiasm.

Small businesses, including those in Canada’s tourism sector, are the backbone of our economy. Entrepreneurship and economic development are topics that I have felt passionately about for a very long time. My native region, the Beauce, is often described as the kingdom of small businesses.

I am thus very happy to play a role in our new government with the goal of maintaining the best environment possible so that Canada’s small businesses continue to prosper.

It should be noted that as a minister, I am like all my colleagues bound by cabinet solidarity and my public declarations must reflect the government’s positions. I therefore have less scope than I had as a simple MP to express my ideas and take public stands on various topics, as I did these past few years. The content of this blog will thus be a bit different from now on.

Finally, I want to give my warmest thanks to the many people who have sent me words of support during the election campaign and during the past few days.

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