Spending freeze and flat rate income tax

4 February 2013 · 7 Comments   

The convention of the Quebec wing of the Conservative Party of Canada was held last week in Victoriaville to adopt resolutions from local associations in preparation for the national convention that will take place next June in Calgary.

Among the resolutions adopted by the assembly is one put forward by the conservative association of my riding of Beauce, which proposes to freeze government spending from the moment when the budget is balanced in 2015-2016. Of course, I gave my support to this resolution from the members of my riding, which is similar to a proposal I made in a speech three years ago. I hope it will become official party policy at the national convention next summer.

Here is the text of the resolution:

WHEREAS federal expenditures have increased considerably since the 1960s;

WHEREAS we must reduce spending if we want to return the federal government to a size compatible with economic prosperity, federalism and individual liberty;

WHEREAS spending must be reduced in order to reduce the tax burden of Canadians; WHEREAS the Conservative government has begun reducing federal spending;

WHEREAS the March 2012 budget forecasts that, during the current exercise and over the next four exercises, federal spending will continue to decline as a portion of DGP as well as in proportion to the population;

WHEREAS we must continue in this direction after the achievement of the balanced budget predicted for 2015-2016 by the March 2012 budget;

WHEREAS, given economic growth and inflation, a freeze in current dollar spending would have the effect of reducing both the spending to GDP ratio and real spending (in constant dollar amounts);


1. Until a balanced budget (predicted for 2015-2016) is achieved, the government respect the objectives for spending cuts set out in the March 2012 budget;

2. The government freeze budget spending at 300 billion dollars in the year following the achievement of a balanced budget in the 2016-2017 financial exercise (the 300 billion dollar amount will correspond to the approximate level that spending will have reached if the projections of the March budget are realized, in comparison with 276 billion dollars for the current financial exercise);

3. That after the 2016-2017 budget, and for the four subsequent years (thus until 2020-2021), the federal government freeze spending at 300 billion dollars per year in current dollars.

I also made a short statement in support of a resolution put forward by members of Brossard-La Prairie and Mount-Royal proposing a flat rate income tax. I wrote a small book on this issue several years ago. This resolution was also adopted by Quebec conservative delegates and will be debated in June.

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7 responses to “ Spending freeze and flat rate income tax ”

  1. Steve O says :

    This is definitely a good start to reign in spending and try and get our fiscal house in order. I think that their are 2 other areas that should be looked at. Once we have achieved a balanced budget, the government should strive to pay down the national debt as quickly as possible and reduce the number of waste full programs which we cannot afford or need. The other area is taxes;instead of the current system of a progressive tax or flat tax (which can & will be constantly adjusted) the you should be looking at a consumption tax.This would be the most fair and equitable taxing system and ALL CANADIANS would be paying into it. Just my thoughts….Steve O

  2. old white guy says :

    steve, we have a consumption tax. it was called the gst now known as the hst. why would we need another one???

  3. Relayer says :

    Anything that reduces the size of both gov’t and debt is a good idea. The flat tax is way overdue. I’d vote for Monsieur Bernier as a successor to Mr. Harper. Keep up the good work.

  4. Steve O says :

    Old white guy; If you read my post you would see that I said was “instead of the current system we go to a consumption tax” Let me try to explain myself…if we went to a consumption tax ONLY and no other taxes the savings to us on income tax would be great. If we only paid a consumption tax on every purchase EXCEPT what is needed to live on, all other purchases would be considered non essential.At that point you have to make a decision, do I really want that item, if yes you buy it and pay the appropriate taxes.The other benefit is that the low information voter will see just how taxes are collected and just may not want to tax the so called rich into non existence.I feel right now that some people have no idea about taxes and how they work, just that they get free stuff and it comes from the government. I am not a rich person but do know the value of a dollar…..Steve O

  5. johndoe124 says :

    Your resolution will be outvoted by the big government Keynesians that now dominate the party.

  6. Cytotoxic says :

    There is no chance in hell of any of this even coming close to implemented policy. Harper will never reduce spending or the size of government. Harper will never balance a budget. Not in a year, not in 10 years, not ever. Just form your own party already. I think it’ll be a lot more fullfilling than being Harper’s ‘House Libertarian’.

  7. Joël Godin says :

    Je suis contre les mensonges, j’ai entendu parler que vous aviez menti à la télévision nationale. Ça m’attriste.


    Joël Godin
    Contre les théories machiavélienne

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