Maxime Bernier’s Great Crossing of Beauce

12 February 2013 · 4 Comments   

Press Release

Maxime Bernier’s Great Crossing of Beauce

The Member of Parliament for Beauce will run 100 km to raise funds for la Fondation Moisson Beauce

Saint-Georges-de-Beauce, Quebec, February 10, 2013 — Maxime Bernier, the Member of Parliament for Beauce, announced today that he will run across his riding September 28th to raise funds for la Fondation Moisson Beauce, a food bank serving the entire Beauce region.

“It’s a personal challenge I wanted to take up for few years now. At fifty years old, it’s the challenge of a lifetime. What’s most important, however, is to be able to personally give back to the residents of Beauce in need,” the Beauce MP explained at a press conference with Nicole Jacques, director general of the Moisson Beauce food bank.

A typical marathon covers a distance of 42 km. Running 100 km is therefore greater than running two consecutive marathons. Mr. Bernier, who has been running for many years, will need to rigorously train several times per week for the next eight months to prepare.

The Moisson Beauce food bank has been distributing food and basic personal care products to a growing number of Beauce residents over the past few years. Currently, more than 9400 people living in a difficult socio-economic situation are receiving aid from the food bank every month, 30% of whom are children.

“I am very delighted with Mr. Bernier’s initiative. The run will help us continue with our mission since the demand for our services is growing,” Ms. Jacques said.

Maxime Bernier’s Great Crossing of Beauce will take place Saturday, September 28th, 2013. It will start at 5:00 a.m. in Saint-Ludger, the southernmost municipality in the riding, and will end in Saint-Bernard.

Mr. Bernier will attempt to cover the 100 km distance that separates the two villages in twelve hours at most.

Individuals and businesses from across Canada who wish to support this cause will be able to “buy kilometres” for the Great Crossing of Beauce at the cost of $10 per kilometre. Through this effort, Mr. Bernier will seek to raise at least $50,000.

“I invite the people of Beauce and my friends from across Canada to show solidarity with those who are looking for a hand up by buying kilometres. I look forward to running with those of you who will be on-site September 28th. I will need your words of encouragement to be able to get to the finish line!” concluded Mr. Bernier.


(Photos: Yvon Thibodeau)


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4 responses to “ Maxime Bernier’s Great Crossing of Beauce ”

  1. Serge says :

    C’est une très belle initiative pour aider les gens de votre région, bon courage pour vous rendre jusqu’au bout des 100 kilomètres!!!

  2. carole giroux says :

    Bravo Maxime, c est super tout ce que tu fait pour la Beauce.

  3. Henri laçassent says :

    Bravo pour votre exploit cela demande beaucoup de determination

  4. Clemence Roy says :

    Bonjour Maxime

    Bravo bravo vous êtes fantastique. Je vous est suivi à la radio et je vous trouve vraiment courageux vous êtes digne d`être Beauceron et j`apprécie votre geste pour les plus démunies.

    Longue vie à tous vos projets et bonne route…

    Clémence Roy St-Georges

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