Spending freeze resolution approved by 75% of Conservative delegates

11 November 2013 · 5 Comments   

The Conservative Party of Canada national convention was held last week in Calgary. A resolution presented by the Conservative association of my riding of Beauce, which proposed to freeze government spending from the moment when the budget is balanced in 2015-2016, was debated in one of the convention’s policy workshops. It was approved (in a vote by a show of hands) by 75% of the delegates present. Organizers also told me that this vote is the one that got the highest level of participation in that workshop during the whole day.

Unfortunately, the resolution was not brought before the plenary session because of the rules of procedure of the convention, which means it will not become part of the party program. Still, I am very happy with the result of this vote which shows strong support from Party members for the principle of small government, and I want to thank all those who supported it.

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5 responses to “ Spending freeze resolution approved by 75% of Conservative delegates ”

  1. Cytotoxic says :

    Doesn’t matter as long as Harper is in charge. He will never stop increasing spending. Ever.

  2. M Shortreed says :

    Under Harper’s leadership, Canada’s 2012 deficit indebted every citizen by $600.00
    Under Obama’s leadership, America’s 2012 deficit indebted every US citizen by $4600.00
    Thank you Mr Harper.

    Cyotoxic, I assume you’d prefer the NDP or Liberals to be running things? Those gangs would be tripping over themselves to eclipse Obama’s spending spree.
    You’ve probably forgotten when the two leftist parties and one treasonous party tried to take control?
    They DEMANDED that Harper borrow $50 BILLION to stimulate the economy? Harper spent 20 BILLION.
    As a taxpayer I’ll stick with our economist Prime Minister. You can work towards the day that the lucky Y chromosome lottery winner with a minor in drama tries to emulate his fathers socialist records.

  3. Cytotoxic says :

    Oh wow you’ve hit nearly every logical fallacy in the book! Next time, just write ‘but he’s doing it too! KOALISHUN’ and we can all save some time.

  4. M Shortreed says :

    So Obama putting each citizen in debt by 670% more than Harper is a ‘me too’ logical fallacy?

    You don’t know the meaning of the word ‘logical’.

  5. Cytotoxic says :

    I’m not talking about Obama, I’m talking about Harper. “But he’s worse” doesn’t cut it.

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