Past Endorsements

"I personally would love to see Maxime Bernier take Tim Moen up on his offer and become the leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada. I believe that this would effectively shake up Canadian politics enough to create true freedom for Canadians finally and make Canada great!"

Daniel Tisi

"Don’t let those crooks steal the vote from you Max, 7600 discrepancies, and the ballots immediately destroyed without scrutineer. Sounds like an election in Afghanistan. Keep fighting for the truth."

DIno TRuant

"I fully endorse Maxime Bernier for leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada! Don’t sell your soul to the dying establishment conservatives, Max. Come over to the Libertarian Party where you belong and help us really shake up Canadian politics and political thinking. We need you to be the Canadian champion of liberty and small government."

Paul Matthews

"Mr Bernier,

Today I read that Tim Moen has offered to step down from leadership of the Libertarian Party, and to nominate you, if you’d join the party. I recognize that you’ve said you are not a libertarian, but I’d like to ask you to accept Mr. Moen’s offer.

I believe you have the ability to win the next federal election, and judging by your platform, I believe Canada needs men like you at the helm. We need Canada to have a government that respects the constitution, and sees the importance of making our nation a profitable place to do business. We may not both be libertarians, but I am confident we agree on the principles that really matter.

In 2019, lets make a compromise. I’ll vote for someone who isn’t a libertarian, if you’ll lead a party that is chock full of them."

Michael Harder

"Mr. Bernier,

Thank you for running a principled leadership campaign. I was profoundly impressed by your advocacy for free markets, individual liberty, and smaller government. Your courageous stand on supply management was particularly inspiring. I was happy to support your leadership bid, and will do so again if you choose to run. Please continue your political work. All of Canada needs you.

Best regards,
Paul Potvin

Paul Potvin

"I endorse Greg’s comments (below) entirely. I will now ask the CP to remove my name from their mailing lists. Scheer doesn’t impress me, and in any case he stands no chance against the Liberals. I had expected, if you won, that you might have to give way on some of your stands. But it was a pure pleasure to back a man who had principles and argued them well. I was actually looking forward to election debates!
I felt you ran a great race, and I’m disgusted at the majority who could not find it within themselves to vote for you. Good luck in your future endeavours. If you ever decide to stand as a Libertarian, I’ll be first in line to vote for you."

helen yeomans

"Mr Bernier,
Condolences on the close loss this evening.

I think Conservatives made a horrible mistake tonight. As a group we picked a 2nd choice candidate, a liberal-lite candidate, a watered down Stephen Harper (for those who thought Harper was amazing). If he manages to win in 2019, which is unlikely considering he doesn’t really stand for anything and he’s not half as good looking as Justin Trudeau, we will just slow the creep of growing government, swelling debt and failing public services all while perpetuating the notion that individuals cannot run their lives without that government interference. It appears vote buying has yet again quashed principles.

I wish you the very best and if you decided to run again in the future you would certainly have my vote. It’s the only reason I joined this ridiculous party in the first place.


Greg Scholfield

"Among many other well-principled ideas, Maxime Bernier should be able to lead innovation in health care. The current system is far from satisfactory, long surgical and ER wait times are the norm , and 21st Century thinking with more public-private collaboration is going to be necessary. Good luck today Mr. Bernier!"

W Francois Louw

"As a Dutchman, I do not really have the right to endorse foreign candidates. But Maxime Bernier has such good plans, that I just felt compelled to do this. If I could, I would have voted Maxime Bernier. I hope Canadians do what is right, and vote Maxime Bernier."

Michael Piet

"I would vote for a person who is looking to the future of a strong independent Canada who will not bow down to the US & who is in favor of smaller gov’t. Also who can oust Justin Trudeau from doing more damage to our already precarious economy."

Joyce Cosh

"want to see free-speech not political correctness I would like to see the same type of freedom of speech Americans have so Canada can be considered a free country to. I believe we should only pay taxes for social services we use like roads School and healthcare healthcare a police force and military to keep us safe. I do not like the idea of people getting free money on my expense we work hard for her money no social programs to be converted into charities or be optional taxes. We need to stop by and oil from Saudi Arabia we need the right to protect ourselves with guns . Finally multiculturalism should only include safe cultures some cultures make their countries utopias other cultures make their countries a living hell hole if someone’s culture preachers execution of homosexuals and treats women like garbage their culture said not be part of the Canadian culture."

rio aiello

"Dear Mr. Bernier. I voted for you and I certainly hope you win the Leadership.. I will also miss your informative emails. You have a great vision for “Our Canada”"

Heather Spence

"The true north, strong and free stands with you Maxime!"

Francois Paquette

"As a young man who has recently gotten engaged and is looking to start a family, who has worked hard for 8 solid years right out of high school and has found success in his chosen career, who has taken effort to learn his history and study politics with a clear view of what works and what fails. Finally I have found the candidate who offers a true winning formula! A candidate I can whole heartedly trust with my future, with my families future and with our nations future! Ever since I first seen his policies and I have read every single word, I knew this was the man for the job! This is the man who can lead the conservative party of canada to victory! The man who will put and end to Justin Trudeau’s reign of incompetent, irresponsible governing. Mr. Bernier, It was an honour to shake you hand when you visited my province. I shall have the picture framed so that I can show my future children with pride as I tell them, “This is your father and that man beside me is the man who saved Canada!”"

Christopher Small