Past Endorsements

"As a legal teen immigrant that is currently interested into history, politics and economics; It is safe to state that Bernier’s policies truly hold a renaissance of the classical liberal way of thinking. Freedom for the market ensures freedom for the people. As a teen with parents who are working at a minimum wage level; my parents are sick and tired of getting taxed for the purpose of providing welfare to those who are lazy. Max’s plan to decentralize government especially in our peaceful time-frame will ensure prosperity to our provinces much more."

Chester Agote

"I find the Maxime has all the great qualities to lead the Conservative Party of Canada to a victory in 2019 over Justin Trudeau. I like his fiscal plan as well as social plan. My vote goes to Mad Max!!!!"

Stephan Richard

"I like your platform direction. Lowering taxes will stimulate the economy. I hope you properly screen immigrants for Canadian values. Your views on gun regulation are to be commended. Best of luck, you’re my first choice."

John Dougherty

"Maxime, j’endosse l’ensemble de votre programme. La privation des aéroports est très importante. J’ai des données très convaincantes pour la privatisation de Mirabel que je peux mettre à votre disposition. Plusieurs investisseurs étrangers nous ont informés de leur intérêts à y investir dans le cadre d’une stratégie qui répond parfaitement aux objectifs de votre programme."

Brien Pierre

"Only if you make the law for EVERYONE to have their personal photo on their firearm card …no exceptions….no religious. Exemptions……toute suite….."

Nell Veale

"Only if you make the law for EVERYONE to have their personal photo on their firearm card …no exceptions….no religious. Exemptions……toute suite….."

Nell Veale

"Comparing policies to Scheer. Only info missing is Max’s position on financial accountability of first nations, and free votes in House of Commons. Would appreciate a quick note on these."

Paul Harwood

"Nice event last night in Sydney. Good turnout and very nice having younger adults present asking some very important questions. We can win with you as our leader in 2019 !"

James Kerr

"Great meeting you last night in Sydney,NS…, sharing your plan for Canada…..your Policies Section on website cover it very well……#1 and only pick! You can beat Trudno !"

David Podborski

"I LOVED your letter to Trump in the Globe today. WELL DONE

CANT WAIT UNTIL 2019. Trudeau is history. You’re winning."

James Suttie

"hey just wanted to say i think you kick ass, and ill be voting for you, dont let us down, like our 31 yr old school teacher, lol"

Nick Ross

"I’m an Albertan who is weary of governments who continue to spend spend spend our hard-earned tax dollars on foreign governments, to only grow more debt and interest payments to foreign banks and countries. Further, Justin Trudeau promised to help the middle class when he lied about it. He removed the tax deductions for transit, and other child deductions, didn’t lower the middle bracket tax rate, didn’t raise the amount of an RRSP that can be used for first time home buyers then clamped down on mortgage rules, and didn’t raise the TFSA amount — ALL of these things HELP the middle class. He has no clue and is out of touch with middle class families.

Maxime Bernier knows exactly what we middle class families want. Lower prices on food. Lower taxes across the board. Less government intrusion into our lives. We are kidding ourselves if we think this federal government can help us by being in our way. They don’t know better.

I fully endorse Maxime Bernier because of his energy and enthusiasm, but most of all because of his clear policies,

It’s time we stopped the Liberals from intruding into our lives. It’s anything but liberal."

Michael Bayrak

"Not your typical politician from Quebec. That’s probably why he received the most votes out of any Conservative in Quebec, multiple times. Canadians from coast to coast are starving for freedom, liberty, and common sense politics. This is the first time I’ve ever considered joining a political party to vote for a leader, and I’m proud that it’s this one."

Anthony Timis

"I heard you on the Calgary CBC radio show on April 11. You get it, have the experience, and have a hope pf winning over Quebec. PLUS you are a runner, so you know what it is like to work for something. (Everyone would like to run a marathon – nobody wants to do the training!!)

This is a test: Email me for a proposal to help Canada get it’s energy sector back on it’s feet."

Blair Shunk