Maxime Bernier



Will you endorse?

Maxime Bernier a sustainable balance of Capitalism and Social responsibility. As the Liberals will regionally divide Canada. Maxime will provide leadership for all Canadians based on common sense principles

Patrick High, COOP

Serbian royal veterans assoc of canada

Tomislav Lukich,

I believe that you have the best chance to make us go forward. You have shown interest in New Brunswick where I live. I would like to work for your campaign in NB

Jean-Claude Bourque, president-ceo

Good Luck!! I hope that you win!!!

Robert Mastin, Manager

I like so much of what you stand for, but I don’t hear a peep about your stance on immigration. Do you agree that 300,000 immigrants should be allowed in in 2017 ? What is your position on immigration? Syrian refugees?
(I’m not yet giving an endorsement.)

Marguerite Nering, Dr.

I will be supporting Maxime in the upcoming leadership race and in the next election.. This guy makes sense. Hopefully he will give the west proper representation which is sorely lacking in Ottawa.

Gerald McAssey,

Maxime is like a breath of fresh air on the Canadian political scene.

Freedom and responsibility. I like that.

Ken MacDonald, Project Engineer

We need a government that cares about the people. Put people before corporations. The current road our government is on is a suicidal one. We need to steer off this path and fast.

Millie Zeiler,

The more I read about Maxime’s policy ideas the more I support his candidacy.. The health care ideas are right on – make provinces responsible to their taxpayers for the health care system they manage and introduce some private sector service providers as in Europe. The situation here in Quebec is ridiculous – a doctor providing some private services is excluded totally from the public sector.

Income tax – by all means take a machete to the confusing clutter of federal and provincial subsidies, tax credits, and assistance programs. Every tax credit is an implicit tax increase (current or future) on everyone else.

Supply management – as much as i appreciate small farmers (my uncle was one) we need to ask why they need more protection than other small business people. It does not make sense to complain about the high cost of living and at the same time prop up the prices of basic foodstuffs and restrict new entrants with quotas.

Robert Hannah, economist and financial analyst

Here here for a fresh voice of liberty and a strategical pivot for the CPC

Andriy Lahush,

Maxime Bernier the only candidate who can beat Justin Trudeau in 2019. He can maintain a strong, national Conservative party and help us build our base in Quebec.

Robin Dhir,

Mr. Bernier, I am maxed out as far as legal donations go this year. I am supporting you for a couple of reasons including the CBC take down and firearms rights.

I do have one issue though. I took out a five year party membership through your campaign recently and still haven’t received a card or a receipt for the donation or membership.

It doesn’t show up on CIMS either. ??????????

Gerald Deis,

Very excited for free market ideas to lead the conservitive party. I am 25 years old, an entrepreneur I support free markets and balanced budgets… if my taxes could go down that would be great too :) . I’m .

Matthew olson, Co founder - Director of sales and distribution

I recently worked at Canada Post for one week before quitting in disgust. I believe that the organization is in terrible shape and must be privatized in order to improve service quality for all Canadians. On another note, I agree that we need to end archaic supply management principles that are driving up the cost of common food items. We also need to acknowledge that more than 70% of Canadians want legalized marijuana. Ignoring this fact will cost us yet another election. We also need to protect law abiding gun owners from unreasonable search and seizure. We should look into removing safe storage laws that are often used to punish law abiding gun owners that legitimately use their firearms to exercise the fundamental right of self defence. Finally, we need to resist the Leftists and their collective desire to implement a state monopoly on the legitimate use of force.

Sourov Roy,

Maxime has a great plan of low taxes no carbon tax and open up the inter provincial borders for free trade in Canada.

Kyle Davey, Owner Master Electrician

I like a guy that see the need of the country. Can name them, and do something about it. Face the oppositions.

Antonio Michaud,

My overriding concern is that Canada, at the Federal level, has the policies and vision to work with a Trump WH and beyond to improve our trade relations and build our resource-based economy for the benefit of all Canadians. Fiscal responsibility and sound economic policies while working to promote Canada’s inclusive and divergent culture is more important today than ever. U.S. and global alliances will have to be built from a position of strength and resolve without sacrificing our unique beliefs and values,

Bert Stakenborg, Owner