Past Endorsements

"After reading the policies of the various candidates I joined the Conservative party so that I can vote against Maxime Bernier. If he were to become leader I would switch and support Justin who I really don’t care for but I still prefer Justin over Maxime. I suspect that many Canadians will feel the same way. Mad Max’s view on guns is the deciding issue for me and why I would never support him."

Armin Kastner

"You seem to have a very balanced approach which is good. Ancaster ON"

Wayne Symonds

"Maxime Bernier is the first conservative candidate that I am 100% behind since Stephen Harper when he first ran. If elected I believe Maxime Bernier will bring prosperity to our beloved nation and reinforce our core values as Canadians. As a born and bred Albertan, everything within Bernier’s platform reflects my ideals as a Canadian."

Liam Ryan

"Maxime is the first candidate with the values and principles that are reflecting my own values 100%.
Finally a politician with spine that is willing to articulate strong libertarian values without being afraid that it will cost him votes. This is exactly what our party and the country needs!"

Andreas Boersch

"Born & raised in Calgary, AB. I value my personal freedoms dearly, and want to ensure that those freedoms are still recognised for future generations. Maxime is the person to do this. His no-nonsense approach is exactly what we need. I’m heartbroken for my son’s future that the M-103 passed, and am certain that motions like these will be crushed by Maxime on behalf of all of us who value free speech. Fair gun policy must be implemented so we can protect ourselves from the tyranny of the Liberals; Maxime can do this for us! God bless him."

Melanie Lalonde

"Less bureaucracy in Ottawa. More power returned to the provinces. Sensible immigration policies that help Canada. Greater free-speech protections. Maxime is going to chase the Liberal corruption out of Canada."

Joe Travers

"Rene viau friend of mine and he believe Mr Maxime can make Canada better place for every one we will behind Mr Maximi to be next priminster.."

Mohamed Hussain

"I am a senior living on our very modest CPP with my wife who also has her small CPP / OAS pension. I was not going to join the party at all because there are many months where it is a struggle and a decision whether we cover all our bills or cut back on groceries. However as I see where our current government is taking us I can not sit by an longer. I joined the party so I can vote for a leader who will take us back to the road of prosperity and who supports my core beliefs as well. I believe after following Maxime for quite a while that he is that type of person. Good luck and God bless."

George Adair

"I am 24 years old and have never been able to vote for a candidate who reflects my libertarian values. I hope to be able to do that in this election cycle. Please protect free speech, reduce government spending, and help foster a culture of personal responsibility in Canadians."

Amar Jayaram

"Mad Max make Canada great again!"

Harry Baird

"Finally! A politician that seems to have Canadian’s best interests at heart! The Albertan from Quebec! The man to take down the Trudeau liberal government!"

Daniel Barron

"FINALLY!!! someone who I feel represents me! I turn 31 in May, to date i have NEVER voted, until now. Do Canada proud Max!"

Christopher Sutherland

"If you can stop the RCMP from creating ridiculous laws that make honest citizens who obey the law criminals over night you have my vote. The RCMP should not have the final say on gun restrictions. As of now the RCMP signs a piece of paper and makes thousands of law abiding citizens criminals. I thought that is why the People of Canada elect politicians."

Donna Bowles

"Finally a Leader that will reduce income taxes to a normal level and abolish the CRTC!"

Jeremie Carignan

"Finally, a leader with conservative principles, campaigning on a conservative platform! This is what the Conservative Party needs, this is what Canada needs"

Pavel Sorokin

"Mad Max is the most liberty loving candidate for party leader that this country has seen in my lifetime! I don’t look to governments or politicians to give me stuff or solve my problems; I just want them off my back. If you agree, support Maxime."

Jake Tauriainen

"Maxime Bernier is a breath of fresh air. There isn’t one policy statement I disagree with. Thank you for running!"

Mark Neprily

"For the first time in my life, I officially joined a political party. I am furious that the current government betrayed me by passing m-103 yesterday. Hopefully, Mr. Bernier will win the leadership and then go on to win the next federal election."

Katharine Beebe

"Main Man Mad Max"

Victor Lestyan