Maxime Bernier



Will you endorse?

Maxime is the only candidate in the CPC leadership race which will result in a CPC vote from myself come election time. Send Mr. O’Leary back to the liberals where he belongs.

Herbert Martucci,

I’m a classical liberal gun owner. The policies that brought me here are property rights, firearms and lower taxes

Dustin Levere,

As a Conservative Libertarian, Max is the only candidate that represents the issues that are important to me. No other politician in the CPC leadership race, especially Mr. O’Leary (who is running on celebrity status alone) has provided concrete solutions to move the CPC leadership towards a win in 2019. When it comes to the issues of real change in Canada, that being changes to property law, self defense/military spending and proper fiscal/economic management, Max is the only candidate willing to stand up for Canadians and Canada.

Brian Stengele,

I look forward to a leader that can understand the challenges we face as a country internally and internationally.

Jean Marc Poirier, President

I left a wrong message I believe. Had just woken up. I have no money to support your course though, b amuse of Wynne’s decisions. Sorry. I will vote PC absolutely. Getting my friends to, also. I am putting the apple. Art in front of them. (Metaphor)). Theysee what I do. Trudeau has got to go. We need a strong, focused, Prime Minister with Ethics a moral and focused on us the people. Someone who takes chances to get us out of this financial pick pocketing. Thank you.

Judith Wilkinson,

Absolutely PC. NOT Liberal.
I miss Stephen Harper to be honest.

Judith Wilkinson,

Stop criticizing ANY opponent, just tell us what you will do or not do, do not put words in anyone else’s mouth or twist their words!!

Eileen Sauer,

A real conservative

Victor Zhang, Victor

Outstanding! Finally a libertarian. As a society we need to take more responsibilty for our lives. And we need to stay free!

Daniel Grant, Refinery Operations Management

Maximizing freedom and prosperity is through minimizing taxation and government. Since 1975, I have successfully seated every single Prime Minister of Canada, regardless of Party. In 2020, I will seat Maxime Bernier as the next Prime Minister of Canada.

Robert Lang, CEO

Max speaks my libertarian language, perfectly well in both English and French! I agree that government is grossly inefficient, and all-too-often ineffective, and that in the interests of liberty and prosperity its pernicious growth into everything needs to be curtailed.
Income taxes are every working Canadian’s largest expense, and are levied in a manner reminiscent of highway robbery. We need a fairer tax system that recognizes the expenses involved in raising a family. And we cannot condemn our children to pay for our excesses, as Trudeau is doing, but should instead concentrate on creating the conditions for enduring prosperity for current and future generations.
Finally, I agree that we absolutely need to stay away from divisive and retrograde identity nonsense. This nation contains and nurtures a magnificent diversity that is a strength we shouldn’t squander for personal or partisan purposes. We need to get on with the business of returning government ‘of the people’ to the people!

John Shone,

Pro firearms! has my vote!

Duston Courtney,

Individual freedom/personal liberty is the number one factor in my preference for a candidate. You sir are looking great so far, seeing your immigration targets today coupled with your positions on supply management, the abolition of Canada Post gives me the faith that you will set ambitious policy in office. Keep it up and you’ll remain my choice and I will vote in the leadership (hopefully bring a friend or two)

Nigel Sharp, Insurance claims examiner

Maxime is the only PC candidate that seems to have a pragmatic approach towards fiscal responsibility and the environment. I support his leadership candidacy for the CPC party, believing he is the only candidate that can beat Justin Trudeau and his miserable and failing attempt to govern Canada.

scott becker, Informatoin Analytics Leadership

Maxime has a vision for Canada. He is talking about common sense ideas that resonate with all Canadians that are based on conservative values, personal liberties, and freedom of choice. Combined with his experience in Parliament and love of his job, this makes Max the best leadership candidate to win in 2019.

Mark Whiffen, Immediate Past-President