Maxime Bernier



Will you endorse?

You got this.

Mark Rittinger,


Curtis Kormos,

We need a more affordable effective & simple ruling on firearms as Northwestern Terr. & western Canada still live by the gun for food & trapping & should not fall under the controversy city & school shootings with AK47 or any such automatic weapons that are not rated for hunting big game

lawrence schnig, Lawrence Schnig

I would have to say that I support the majority of your platform but I do have a few questions.
In regards to “aggressively perusing free trade deals” I am curious if you have put any thought into protecting Canada from ISDS cases. Canada is currently the #1 sued country in the world due to its free trade deals and it is a hindrance and a drag on our economy costing Canadians millions of dollars and gives foreign companies somewhat of an advantage over our locally grown companies.
Secondly I would like to know your opinion on housing costs and foreign ownership of real estate. Canada is one of only a few countries left in the world where a foreign person or company can come in and buy real estate with the same rights and rules as the local population. As history has shown us this causes housing bubbles and unrealistic mortgages that the banks don’t like to give out. Maybe we should look at how Vancouver is handling its housing crisis and implement something like it on a nation wide scale. People will say that they will loose to much in equity but unless they are looking to sell and move outside the country and into a different market it should be an equal effect across Canada.

Richard Johansen,

I have been hoping for a leader like this. I am going to buy a conservative party membership so I can vote!

Bradley Humenick,

Maxime is a candidate for the people, his policy makes sense for all Canadians, and is the only sensible choice for leader of the party. Let us bring common sense back to Canadian politics again.

Andrew Gouin,

Looking for sensible leadership for our country. Hoping for the best for our future as a whole.
You have my support.

Anthony Norris, Flight Engineer Warrant Officer

Maxime Bernier is a true conservative both in action and in word, be it with respect to the limited and constitutional role of government, self reliance and accountability, fiscal discipline and prudence, support of the military and a strong defence of our borders, security and national interests, he is best placed to defeat the disastrous and policy adrift Trudeau regime with a principled, disciplined and effective Conservative Government as Prime Minister in 2019.

Michael Pacuta,

Finally a candidate who represents the working man. Not just the people who were suits and ties. I believe Maxime is the man to represent the work boots and hart hat men and women of this country. I proudly attach my name to his in support!

John Lundrigan, Production Miner

Please bring Canada Back, make it what it used to be, you have my full support!

Muhanad Pio,

This is a very dangerous motion for the future of free speech in this country.
The various already out of control “Human Rights” Commissions in this country would have a field day with it..
Most people have no idea what the Cairo Declaration means when it refers to “Human Rights”.

Rob Beckett,

Maxine Bernier is the one candidate who can lead us back to government!

Tim Sutton,

I am proud to be supporting Maxime Bernier to become the next Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
Maxime’s values and platform are what Canadians are looking for in a leader.
Maxime is true to his word, and can bring Canadians together from coast to coast to coast.
It’s time for positive change. It’s time for a leader who can inspire Canadians.
It’s time for Maxime Bernier.

Pat Perkins Conservative M.P. Whitby/Oshawa 2014-2015 - Mayor Town of Whitby 2006-2014,