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  • I am proud to be supporting Maxime Bernier to become the next Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
    Maxime’s values and platform are what Canadians are looking for in a leader.
    Maxime is true to his word,...

    Pat Perkins Conservative M.P. Whitby/Oshawa 2014-2015 - Mayor Town of Whitby 2006-2014
  • “Maxime Bernier has the right mix of charisma and principled conservatism to defeat Justin Trudeau in 2019. He is the right choice to lead the Conservative Party and to become Canada’s 24th Prime Minister.”

    Nicole Eaton - Senator
  • “Maxime brings a combination of conservative economic principles and political experience that our party, and our country, need in these changing times. His stances on today’s issues are clear, informed, and conservative. I am proud to support Maxime Bernier as...

    Paul Oliver
  • “Canadians are becoming concerned about the Liberal Governments fiscal, economic, industrial, and trade policies. I believe that Maxime Bernier’s campaign of free market ideas is right for these times. Our party needs a leader who can hold the Liberal government...

    Stephen Greene, Senator
  • Maxime brings a bold, free market campaign of ideas that is energizing the grassroots of the Conservative Party. We are strongest and most successful when we advocate for more personal freedom, less big government and a steady stewardship of our...

    Tom Kmiec, M.P.
  • Maxime Bernier is a true free market conservative who will defend our Party and our principles with passion and conviction. He is the only Leadership candidate who can defeat Justin Trudeau’s shallow popularity in Quebec and across Canada in the...

    Hon. Lyne Beyak, Senator
  • Canadians deserve hope and unbridled opportunity. With Maxime’s principles of freedom, personal responsibility, and fairness that is what Canadians will get.

    Alex Nuttall, M.P.
  • Maxime is the best person to lead our Party into the next election against Justin Trudeau. He is a principled conservative, consistently advocating lower taxes, less government, and balanced budgets.

    Laura Ross, MLA
  • Maxime’s dynamism is infectious. We need him as leader of our party in order to give new impetus to conservative ideas while remaining firmly faithful to it.

    Jacques Gourde, M.P.