How to Vote

Photocopy your ID

Photocopy a piece of ID that shows your name, photo, and a proof of address. A driver’s license is easiest. If you do not have one piece of ID that shows your photo, name, and your mailing address, please include two pieces of ID – one that shows your photo, and one that shows your address (For example, health card or passport, combined with a utility or phone bill).

We encourage you to photocopy your ID as soon as possible so that you will be ready once you fill out your ballot. Here is a list of acceptable forms of ID.

Reading the Ballot

The ballot lists all fourteen candidates in alphabetical order. Maxime Bernier is listed second. Beside "Maxime Bernier" are ten circles numbered '1' through '10' from left to right across the page.

Filling out the Ballot

With a pen or pencil, please fill in the first circle right next to MAXIME BERNIER in the column labelled "first choice". This makes Maxime Bernier your first choice for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. DO NOT fill in more than one circle in COLUMN ONE or you will SPOIL YOUR BALLOT.

Filling out the Ballot for Second Choice

Note: you do not have to fill out more than one choice. Should you choose to fill this out, please do so next to the candidate in the column labelled 2nd CHOICE.

Put Ballot into the Ballot Secrecy Envelope

Fold and place your ballot in the envelope labelled "Ballot Secrecy Envelope" and seal it. DO NOT PUT ANYTHING ELSE IN THE BALLOT SECRECY ENVELOPE.

Declaration Form

Tear off the section of the sheet with your name and address on it labelled "Declaration Form." Sign it.

Prep Ballot for Mailing

Put the sealed "Ballot Secrecy Envelope" (1) which is sealed with your ballot inside in the “Election Return Envelope”. ADD your signed "Declaration Form" (2) AND the photocopy of your PHOTO ID AND PROOF OF CURRENT ADDRESS (3) to the "Election Return Envelope".

Double check you have these THREE items in the return envelope. Seal it.

Mail your Ballot

Place the sealed Election Return Envelope in the mail. No stamp required. Make sure you get it into the mail as soon as possible, to make sure it gets to the ballot receiving centre on time, or else it will not be counted!

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