Maxime Bernier

Making Every Canadian Richer

Making Every Canadian Richer
  1. No federal tax on first $15,000 earned, giving everyone who earns that much an immediate $529 tax cut;
  2. Cut federal tax to 15% on income between $15,001 and $100,000; 
  3. A 25% tax rate on income above $100,000;
  4. Abolish the capital gains tax
  5. Lower air travel costs by privatizing airports and opening the sector to more competition;
  6. Scrap the federal Carbon Tax;
  7. Privatize Canada Post and eliminate its monopoly on letter mail;
  8. End supply management which forces us to pay twice the price for milk, cheese, eggs, chicken, and turkey;
  9. Kick the CRTC out of the telecom industry to allow for more competition.

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