A green tyranny?

Published on July 12, 2018

Did you read the news this week about the western chorus frog on the South Shore of Montreal?

Well, a Federal Court ruling has confirmed that Ottawa can prevent any development on private land to protect this frog, and any other species at risk.

But most disturbing is that the judge ruled that the government is not obliged to compensate the owner of this land.

Everyone wants to protect species at risk.

Our grandiose nature is one of Canada’s greatest attractions and we must take care of it. But not by sacrificing our most basic rights and prosperity.

The government should not be able to seize private property without compensation.

This decision is appalling, but it is part of a strong trend towards more and more repressive and costly environmental legislation.

In recent years, environmental activists have successfully blocked pipeline projects that will cost our economy tens of billions of dollars.

Thousands of jobs are threatened in the forest industry because of increasingly stringent regulations.

Conservation of the environment is certainly part of a conservative vision.

On the other hand, radical environmentalism is a regressive and destructive ideology. It aims to give the State the power to put an end to all forms of development and to control our lives on the grounds that everything has an impact on the environment.

Are we heading towards a green tyranny?

If you too are concerned about this situation, help me fight for your property rights.