Are the Liberals Hiding Something?

Published on June 07, 2018

You know I want to abolish corporate welfare. I hope we’ll be able to get rid of it one day.

But until then, the least we could expect is that when the government loans money to businesses, Canadian taxpayers be allowed to know about the terms and conditions, and if those loans have been repaid or not.

That’s why I introduced bill C-396 several weeks ago.

This bill, if adopted, would have ensured transparency for government handouts to corporations.

For example, Bombardier received a $275-million “repayable” loans from the federal government a few months ago.

When I asked the Minister what the terms and conditions of that loan were, I was told “it is secret.”

Canadians have a right to know where their money is going.

They should be able to know when the loans aren’t repaid.

They should know when the Liberals are trying to trick them by saying they’re giving a loan, when in fact it’s a subsidy.

The Liberals promised us more transparency during the last election campaign. But guess what? They voted AGAINST bill C-396.

Are they hiding something from us?

There will never be more transparency in Ottawa unless someone who really believes in it keeps up the pressure. That’s why I need your help to fight for government transparency and against corporate welfare.