Check your privilege and be quiet

Published on March 16, 2018

To be effective, justice must be blind.

And our government should be too.

The way to solve the injustices of the past is not to create new categories on which to base discrimination. It’s to treat all citizens equally.

That’s not what the Liberals are doing. They recently tabled a budget where money is allocated on the basis of “intersectional race, gender and sexual identities.”

They’re creating more division and more injustice.

And when I called them out on it, I was told to “check my privilege and be quiet.”

This wasn’t just another troll on the internet. It came from a Liberal Member of Parliament.

There are people in this government who believe my opinion is less valid because I’m a white man.

They believe the government should segregate people based on their gender and skin colour and treat them differently.

Help me fight this radical ideology.

I believe the government should be blind. And that it should work to the benefit of all its citizens.

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For freedom. And equality.