News Release: Fairness in Air Travel

Published on August 03, 2016


August 3, 2016

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA Maxime Bernier, Leadership Candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada, today announced his plan for fairness in air travel prices.

As Prime Minister, Bernier would take a four-step approach to increase service and reduce needless and hidden costs that are passed along to consumers.

First, airports would be privatized and treated like any other business. One quarter of the price differential between Canadian and American airports is accounted for by excessive airport fees.

Second, foreign ownership limits will be abolished for airlines that operate domestic services. Foreign investors will be welcomed to compete in the Canadian air travel market, in particular to connect regional airports that are currently underserved.

Third, the unjustified Liberal decision to ban jets from flying out of Toronto’s Billy Bishop airport will be overturned.

Fourth, more bilateral agreements will be negotiated to allow for more flights between Canadian cities and foreign destinations. Instead of focusing on protecting Canadian airlines from competition, consumers’ interests would drive Canada’s policy.

Mr. Bernier’s proposals are in line with the resolution to “introduce and actively promote a new framework for increased domestic & foreign airline competition in Canada” proposed by the Vancouver Centre Conservative Association and adopted at the party’s convention last May.


Key Quotes from Maxime Bernier

“Many Canadians do not fly, or rarely do, because they find it too expensive. Many others cross the border and fly from an American airport because it’s cheaper there. To tolerate such a situation is to show disrespect to Canadian consumers.”

“If I am elected Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada and ultimately Prime Minister of Canada, I will remove the burden of excess taxes and regulation, open the sector to more competition, and encourage more investment.”

“These reforms are straightforward ways to free the Canadian air transport industry; to be fair to Canadian travellers who live in currently underserved areas; and to show respect for Canadian consumers forced by bad policies to pay much higher prices than necessary.”