Free Speech and Equal Rights for All

Published on March 08, 2018

Parliament is in recess this week and I am currently taking some time off with Catherine. But I really had to send you this quick note about something crazy that happened on Twitter these past few days.

Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes and Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen both implied I was a racist.

Why? Because I said I want people to be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin, like Martin Luther King.

Yep. Apparently, that’s being racist nowadays.

It started when the Minister praised his government’s budget in a tweet, saying it was a historic one for “racialized Canadians.” That’s the new politically correct jargon to mean Canadians belonging to cultural minorities.

I tweeted that I thought the ultimate goal of fighting discrimination was to create a colour-blind society where everyone is treated the same. Not to set some Canadians apart as being “racialized.”

What’s the purpose of this awful jargon?, I asked. To create more division for the Liberals to exploit?

It seems I was right.

Those Liberals answered that by saying I wanted a color-blind society, I was “denying the experience of people who live with racism” and I was “contributing to racism.”

MP Caesar-Chavannes even added: “Please check your privilege and be quiet.”

You read that correctly.

I guess she wasn’t aware that we lived in a democracy with free speech as one of its building blocks.

It provoked a major backlash on Twitter and she later almost apologized by tweeting that telling me to be quiet “was not cool.”

I am grateful to all those who defended me and expressed their support on Twitter during this controversy.

As I tweeted later, we should certainly do everything possible to redress injustices and give everyone equal opportunities to flourish.

And we should recognize that Canada is big enough to contain many identities.

But that doesn’t mean the government should define us on the basis of “intersectional race, gender and sexual identities” and grant different rights and privileges to different groups thus defined.

This radical left-wing fad, now officially adopted by the Liberal government, will only create more division, more injustice and will balkanize our society.

It’s time we conservatives stop being afraid to defend our vision of a just society made up of free individuals equal before the law.

We have to start pushing back against those who want to silence any opinion that differs from theirs.

Do you agree that we should defend free speech and equal rights for all Canadians, no matter what their race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation are?

If so, please help me in this fight by contributing a few dollars, so that I can continue to meet with Conservatives across the country and spread this message.

Thanks a lot for your support,