The Nationalization of a Mess

May 30, 2018

Justin Trudeau’s Minister of Finance announced yesterday that he will nationalize the Trans Mountain pipeline. Yes, the same pipeline that he himself put in jeopardy with his disastrous energy policies. We all remember Trudeau effectively killing the Energy East...

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Trudeau’s Fake Support of Trans Mountain

May 24, 2018

Justin Trudeau’s Minister of Finance recently announced that he is prepared to subsidize Kinder Morgan in order to mitigate risks associated with his disastrous energy policies. He is willing to fix a problem he himself created with YOUR money....

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“Canada’s Economic Future”

May 15, 2018

Speech by Maxime Bernier – Civitas Conference – Montreal, April 28, 2018 Good afternoon everyone. Before I begin, I want to tell you that I am not talking as innovation critic for the Conservative Party today. These are...

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Liberal Corporate Welfare

May 03, 2018

On Tuesday, our party asked an important question to the Innovation Minister, Navdeep Bains. We wanted to know how many jobs his department had created by handing out 5.5 billion $ in government subsidies. But Minister Bains couldn’t say....

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What’s wrong with this picture?

April 20, 2018

We have free trade agreements with dozens of countries. But the Supreme Court chose yesterday not to enforce article 121 of our Constitution that guarantees free trade between provinces. We can’t go from one province to another with alcohol....

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Ladies and gentlemen,

March 26, 2018

Have you heard about the Trudeau's government’s latest folly? We learned last week that Service Canada public servants will have to use "gender neutral language." They will have to avoid using the words "madam," "sir," "mother" and "father." Why?...

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Protect our Property Rights

March 23, 2018

Our property rights are under attack. This week, the Liberals introduced legislation (C-71) that would ban firearms owned by thousands of Canadians and introduce a backdoor long gun registry. The fact is that hunting and sports shooting are a...

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Our values

March 21, 2018

When I launched my leadership campaign in 2016 I promised to hold to my principles. I promised to promote four simple conservative values. Freedom. Fairness. Responsibility. And respect. I’m still fighting for those values every day. Next...

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Check your privilege and be quiet

March 16, 2018

To be effective, justice must be blind. And our government should be too. The way to solve the injustices of the past is not to create new categories on which to base discrimination. It’s to treat all citizens equally....

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Free Speech and Equal Rights for All

March 08, 2018

Parliament is in recess this week and I am currently taking some time off with Catherine. But I really had to send you this quick note about something crazy that happened on Twitter these past few days. Liberal...

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