Interprovincial barriers make us poorer

September 20, 2017

According to a new Statistics Canada study, trade between provinces corresponds to level that would be expected if 6.9% tariff were imposed. This is largely due to the existence of regulatory barriers that prevent Canadians from buying, selling and...

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To my friends at Conservative Futures

September 18, 2017

We need more people and organizations defending the value of freedom in Canada and I very much support Conservative Futures efforts to do so within the larger conservative movement.I would like today to briefly discuss three ideas with you: freedom, tenacity...

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Canada-China Free Trade - Speech

July 18, 2017

Declaration by Maxime Bernier on Canada-China Free Trade   Ottawa, July 18, 2017

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CFTA Deal Is Pathetic, Says Bernier

April 08, 2017

Maxime Bernier is only candidate who can bring real free trade to Canada. OTTAWA – For Maxime Bernier, the new Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) to be signed today in Toronto is a far cry from what Canadians should expect, 150 years...

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Canadian Firearms laws are broken, and I want to fix them

February 13, 2017

Canadian Firearms laws are broken, and I want to fix them. At the whim of a bureaucrat, firearms are assigned new classifications. Legally purchased firearms are being made illegal, even though no laws have changed. This needs to stop. The firearms...

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Two Threats to Freedom of Speech: M-103 and C-16

February 12, 2017

Although they were presented by their supporters as measures to protect minorities from discrimination, a motion and a bill being debated in Parliament could seriously threaten free speech in our country. Having received many requests to clarify my position on these...

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Let’s get Atlantic Canada Out of its Have-Not Status

February 07, 2017

Last Saturday, at the debate in Halifax, other candidates accused me of abandoning Atlantic Canada. They said that my proposal to freeze the equalization budget until we review its funding and the way the money is being distributed is going to hurt the region economically. Of course, in the short...

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Canada's Equalization Program is Unfair and Ineffective: Maxime Bernier

February 02, 2017

OTTAWA – Today, Maxime Bernier announced that he will bring fairness to Canada's system of equalization payments to provinces. Rather than continuing the welfare trap that our system of equalization has become, Bernier proposes to create an environment that encourages provinces to succeed and thrive, rather than relying on aid...

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SPEECH: Canada’s Equalization Program Is Unfair and Ineffective

February 02, 2017

When it was started in 1957, Canada’s equalization program had a noble intention: To ensure that Canadians from coast to coast have a similar level of service from their provincial government, whether they live in poorer or richer provinces. It was seen as a way to unite the country. Unfortunately,...

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Security and Prosperity for Canadians

January 18, 2017

Since the beginning of this leadership race, I have proposed several policies with the general goal of reducing the size of the federal government and focusing its interventions on its core functions. Everyone understands what it means to have a smaller government when it comes to economic policy. But what...

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