Ladies and gentlemen,

Published on March 26, 2018

Have you heard about the Trudeau's government’s latest folly?

We learned last week that Service Canada public servants will have to use "gender neutral language."

They will have to avoid using the words "madam," "sir," "mother" and "father."


So as not to displease the nongendered and nonbinary people who do not identify with the usual sexual categories (male and female).

What a downright crazy policy!

What’s the next step?

To stop naming the colours so we don't displease colour-blind people?

To stop talking about "couples" so we don’t exclude polygamists and single people?

In short, to stop naming things as they are?

Everyone has the right to live and to identify as he or she wishes. I respect individual choices, including the most marginal ones.

But things are getting out of control when the government adopts such policies that force the majority to adapt to the whims of tiny minorities with extreme ideologies.

For Justin Trudeau, everything seems to revolve around issues of identity: culture, religion, race, gender, sexuality.

When we regain power in Ottawa, we will restore common sense.

If, like me, you oppose this policy, show your support by contributing $2 today.

Together, we can show Justin Trudeau the door and eliminate his ridiculous policies.

- Max