Liberal Corporate Welfare

Published on May 03, 2018

On Tuesday, our party asked an important question to the Innovation Minister, Navdeep Bains.

We wanted to know how many jobs his department had created by handing out 5.5 billion $ in government subsidies.

But Minister Bains couldn’t say.

He had no clue.

Well, if we are talking about the net number of jobs that are actually creating wealth, I have an answer for him:


In fact, it certainly killed more productive jobs than it created.

Liberals always see the immediate economic activity that corporate welfare generates.

But what they fail to see are the jobs that are destroyed by shifting resources from other sectors of the economy.

If that money had not been taxed away in the first place, it would have been invested by market participants instead of bureaucrats and politicians.

Do you believe Navdeep Bains and his bureaucrats should be investing your money in your place?

If not, please invest $4.44 in my fight to end corporate welfare.