Maxime Bernier Launches Conservative Leadership Bid

Published on May 15, 2016


May 15, 2016
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Sainte-Marie, QC – Maxime Bernier, Conservative Member of Parliament for Beauce, launched his campaign for the Leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada earlier today. At a rally in Ste-Marie, QC a large crowd came out to see Mr. Bernier deliver his vision for Canada.

Joining Mr. Bernier were his National Campaign Co-Chairs John Reynolds and Jacques Gourde and Fundraising Committee Chair Alex Nuttall. Bernard Généreux, Quebec caucus chair was also on hand.

Concurrently with the launch, Mr. Bernier’s campaign website [] and social media presence [] was unveiled.

The campaign is officially registered with the Conservative Party of Canada and Elections Canada and is considered official for purposes of signing-up members, taking donations and participating fully in all leadership events.

Maxime Bernier: “Imagine a country where these principles of freedom, responsibility, fairness and respect are the basis of all political decisions. I am going to fight for this ideal, with passion and conviction. I know that I can convince a majority of Conservatives, and a majority of Canadians, to support this vision. That’s what I’m going to do over the next twelve months. That’s why I want to become the leader of the Conservative Party.”

John Reynolds PC, Campaign Co-Chair: “To fight Justin Trudeau, the Conservative Party will have to become more competitive in Quebec. This logic is undeniable. And just as he will take Trudeau on in Quebec, he will take him on in the Atlantic, in Ontario, on the Prairies, out in British Columbia and up in the North.”

Jacques Gourde MP, Campaign Co-Chair: “Maxime’s dynamism is infectious. We need him as leader of our party in order to give new impetus to conservative ideas while remaining firmly faithful to it.”

Alex Nuttall MP, Fund-Raising Committee Chair: “Canadians deserve hope and unbridled opportunity. With Maxime's principles of freedom, personal responsibility, and fairness that is what Canadians will get.”

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