Release: Unleashing Canada

Published on September 20, 2016




September 20, 2016

For Immediate Release


TORONTO – Maxime Bernier, Leadership Candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada, announced his plan to increase Canada’s productivity and prosperity.


Contrary to the opinion of the Liberal government, Canada is not perpetually destined to an anemic growth rate of less than 1.5%.  Canada can return to much higher annual growth with a simple solution:


Get the government out of the way.


Bernier announced a four point taxation plan to do exactly that.


First, the capital gains tax will be abolished. Second, the accelerated capital cost allowance will be made permanent, and extended to all sectors of the economy, not just manufacturing, clean energy and processing. Third, the corporate income tax rate will be further lowered to 10%. Fourth, corporate welfare will be ended.

Key Quotes from Maxime Bernier:


“I don’t believe our economy has slowed down because governments are not spending enough taxpayers’ money, or getting us enough into debt.”


“Every time the government takes an additional dollar in taxes out of someone’s pocket, or borrows it from someone, that’s a dollar that this person will not be able to spend or invest. Government borrowing and spending goes up, private borrowing and spending goes down. There is no wealth creation. It’s like taking a bucket of water out of the shallow end of a swimming pool and emptying it in the deep end, nothing happen.”


“I want to offer an ambitious tax plan to unleash Canada’s productive forces, boost private investment, increase productivity, create jobs and have higher wages for Canadians.”


“It’s time to stop taking billions of dollars out of the private sector, just to redistribute them through subsidies. A rational economic policy will instead lower taxes for all businesses. It will leave more of this money into the hands of entrepreneurs and investors, and let them decide how to spend it and invest it.”


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