The Nationalization of a Mess

Published on May 30, 2018

Justin Trudeau’s Minister of Finance announced yesterday that he will nationalize the Trans Mountain pipeline.

Yes, the same pipeline that he himself put in jeopardy with his disastrous energy policies.

We all remember Trudeau effectively killing the Energy East and Northern Gateway pipelines.

This created a political climate of fear towards pipeline projects and certainly played a role in the BC government’s decision to oppose Trans Mountain.

And now no company on earth is willing to complete the project.

But, following Justin Trudeau’s logic, all problems can be solved by spending more government money, adding more to the debt and passing on the bill to future generations.

So he instructed his Minister of Finance to buy the problem, with OUR money.

And this liberal statist scheme is projected to cost taxpayers $12B.

This is happening 40 years after the disastrous National Energy Policy and the creation of Petro-Canada by his father.

We, Conservatives, know that this isn’t a sustainable plan.

More Liberal government intervention is not the solution to the Trans Mountain crisis, it’s the source of the problem!

We have to do something about it. We have to fight the nationalization of a mess.